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Alexis Eke  is an illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Ontario. Inspired by renaissance portraits and traditional Japanese art, she aims to illustrate Black women in a contemporary light. Her mission is to expand the representation of black women in design and to evangelize, by creating a space for audiences to deeply reflect on themselves and their relationship with God. 

Her clients include AGO, Adidas, Bloomberg, CBC, Canada Goose, Nike Jordan, Union Station – among others. 

More about me

With the foundation of a strong female Caribbean upbringing and Christian faith, I aim to use these important aspects to design a unique space for audiences to view my work. Growing up with women with strong personalities, i've always viewed women as resilient and independent. This has later translated into my artwork, as all of my illustrations are of women, to reflect my cultural and personal experience.

With a large body of my work filled with portraits of Black women, I aim to ask audiences two questions. First, “how are Black women represented in the art world?”. Most of the time in formal art spaces, Black women are brought in as moving parts, rarely entering these fields as a permanent feature. It's discouraging to think that with large art institutions like the AGO, that has been around for decades, a Black Canadian woman has never had a solo exhibition there. 

White Lines

A common question I’m asked is, “What do the white lines mean?”. The white lines connect from the eyes to the mouth to represent what see influencing how we express ourselves. “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light (Matthew 6:22). What (or who) we surround ourselves with, what we consume with our eyes, will have an effect on who we become. More importantly, it has an impact on our relationship with God. These lines pose as a question to ask the person: 

1. Are the people and things i've allowed in my life influencing me in a positive or negative way?

2. How was this affected my relationship with God?

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